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Fees and Services

Personal, Comprehensive, One on One Training

Customized for Your Lifestyle

$135. - for one 3 hour cooking class per person

Buy a package:
 5 cooking classes for $500
 or 10 cooking classes for $900

All classes include a seperate, Free Kitchen and Pantry Evaluation !!!
Makes a nice Holiday gift!  

Menu Options Include:
  • Kitchen Organization/Lifestyle Evaluation - Evaluate kitchen and pantry. Suggest equipment. Learn how to create a meal plan and shopping List. Customized program and recipes based on evaluation.  Free with any package purchase. 
  • Knife Skills - Learn all the basic chopping and slicing techniques and learn to prepare dishes that utilize chopped fruits and veggies.
  • Mother Sauces - Learn to cook the 5 basic sauces and their variations plus, reduction and pan sauces, salad dressing and marinades. 
  • Poultry – How to prepare different cuts of poultry, including a whole roast chicken with sides.
  • How to Boil Water - The proper way to boil, pasta, potatoes, eggs and fresh vegetables, plus recipes that include them.
  • Meats – Braising, pan or oven roasting, frying.  Learn the cuts of meat and how best to prepare them.
  • Seafood – Fish choice and shell fish choice, with appropriate sides.
  • Sides - New, fresh recipes and techniques for Pasta, Rice, Beans and Grains and vegetables both hot and cold.
  • Breakfast Foods - make all classic egg dishes, bacon, pancakes french toast, other special brunch items.
  • Basics of Baking - Choose Sweets: cake, pie, tarts, cookies, bread pudding, souffle and cake breads (like banana bread) or Savory:  including simple bread making, rolls, quick breads, biscuits, pizza dough and Gourmet pizzas.
  • Ethnic Foods -    Italian, French, Indian, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean,  Moroccan
  • Cocktail /Dinner Party – Appetizers, drinks, main courses presentation ideas


Gift Certificates Available 
Call or Email for Appointment 

Travel radius restrictions and fees may apply.  No Refunds.
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